Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Imagination Play

Today during quiet time for Isaiah he asked me to play with him. After I did some jobs and he played on his own, we ended up playing farmers/shop keepers and shoppers. It was so much fun playing with all our wooden toys from Christmas. We had the farm yard where we grew the produce, the tractor took it to market, the crane unloaded the produce to the shop shelves and then we sold the produce the teddy. I love that it doesn't matter that the fruit it ten times bigger than the cows or twice as big as the tractor. Kids don't care at all.

The fruit and vegie shop in the middle, part of crane on the left, farm and tractor in the background

Our beautiful fruit, vegie and bread sets (from Woolworths) - comes complete with cutting board and wooden knife to 'cut' the produce up (it's held together with velcro)

Part of the farm yard set (an ALDI bargin)

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