Monday, August 23, 2010

Cool pants for cool kids

I have been collecting old chenille bedspreads for a few years now. I've found them in op shops, had some given to me and even got one at an antique shop. Well, after getting all my sewing things gathered together in one place and sorted, I have finally done something with all this fabric. I bought some dye in various colours and made some fun creations for cool kids.
I love the tassles/fringe on the pocket of these pants. The second pair are really cute, they have a panel in the back that almost looks like he is wearing a pair of chaps. So cute.

I am still working on the design and construction of these. The stars need some work but overall I am so happy to be creating cool things with really old fabric that used to have such a different life. I'm already planning more creations and more trips to the op shop for fluffy fabric!


  1. Hi Ainz! Love, love, love them!! Do you sell them, because we would be interested in buying a couple of pairs for the boys. Shorts would be great for summer, and they would be around same size as what your boys wear. Let me know, and I can pay you for them & the postage!!!!

  2. cool cool cool!
    so glad that you have finally gotten around to creating with all that fabric we have been collecting!
    i love the tassels and stars ones.


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