Monday, August 30, 2010

Garden Journal

I have decided to journal our garden adventure. We have recently ploughed up a section of our yard for our veggie garden. We used our small tractor (not the toy one) and a little plough to make life easier. We don't really have a good plan for this garden, just growing things. Not really sure what will end up where in the long term but for now it is a place to grow and have fun together. Over the next year we will experiment and modify with location of plant rows, walkways and the size of the garden as we see the need. Then we will start to buy those long term plant like berry bushes and asparagus that I am sooo looking forward to. Having trouble having the patience waiting for those ones.
So now for the journalling part - on Saturday we prepared a section of the garden and planted potatoes. Hopefully we haven't planted them too early and won't get any frosts now. Our last potatoes life were cut short because of frost so hopefully these will do better. We kept another box of seed potatoes to plant in a couple of weeks so we get a staged harvest. Will let you know when they pop their heads up out of the ground!

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