Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stage 2

This week Scott finished off another part of our fort. It is a balance beam with a few steps to help get there.
Isaiah was very excited and keen to try it out. He loves balancing on there but isn't quite ready to do it by himself. He gets to the top step and bellows 'I need some help please', which is very cute (except when I am inside trying to get dinner ready).
I must admit, dinner often waits and outside I go to help for a while, but sometimes not with the right heart.
I am trying to remember that before I know it, he'll be telling me he can do it himself and that he doesn't need me anymore. I need to make the most of being needed, even when dinner needs me too. There will always be time for dinner!

And yes, he is outside in the middle of winter with only underwear on -
this is the kind of winter I love, a warm winter!

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  1. A warm winter hey??? Well, no need for a new heater then I suppose?? Ha ha --- & we ahs snow where we are today !! Can't wait to see all the changes at your house & the very boys who live there.


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