Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Planning

Do you plan your week?? I have tried heaps of different ways to plan my weeks and days. I've had a day-to-a-page diary, daily dockets and a few other things but I find that my days aren't full enough for these to work for me. We have a general routine for our day so I don't really need a daily plan.

Now I am trying a weekly plan. The sections I have in my plan include

  • lunch
  • dinner
  • activities
  • task
  • weekly jobs
  • weekly focus

Last Sunday I grabbed 30mins when all my boys (big and little) were playing outside to plan our week. I used a time that I could think clearly - without interruption -

  • to look through my recipe books and plan the meals of the week
  • to work out what activities we would choose to be involved in this week
  • to work out what tasked needed to done when
  • to think about what is important for us to focus on this week with training the kids - where are they at, what needs the most work etc.

This plan then went on the fridge for the week. I'm so glad I did it. It gave me stability in a busy week. When people ask me what I was doing or when I needed to think about dinner, all the thinking was done, I just checked the plan. It turned out that the weekly plan worked really well for us.

It doesn't mean that everything on there happens as per plan - life still happens and interrupts the plan but when we are wondering what is happening next we have a plan to go back to. I love it.

I am going to try and spend 30mins sometime over each weekend to plan for the coming week.

Here is a terrible photo of this coming weeks plan

As for last weeks plan - some of it happened, some of it didn't
it was a great week.

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  1. I love planning too - I use a combination of individual day To Do lists and an IPod app - Things. I just love being organized!


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