Friday, August 6, 2010

Hallway of Happiness

I love doing craft with my kids. I have a big box of craft stuff and always need to resist buying more when I get into that section in the shops. It is just so much fun - all the things we could make. I watch playschool for ideas, read blogs for ideas and am on newletter mailing lists too. We don't do it all the time but we do enough that we end up with all sorts of creations that just can't be thrown out and need to be displayed.

But this is the part that drives me crazy - all the pictures that end up on the fridge get pulled off or the magnets holding them get played with and the pictures all end up on the floor for me to trip over or the youngest one to rip and distroy. Aarrrgghhh. How could something that is so much fun and brings such joy in the making, end up being so frustrating.

Well, a couple of weeks ago it all got the better of me - most of our art ended up stacked in a pile on a desk. But I now had a plan - thanks to Ikea, I found a way to hang them up for everyone to enjoy, out of the way. We created our Hallway of Happiness.

It is a simple wire cable, that took my husband just two ad breaks to put up. Yes, thats right he did it in between watching Top Gear.

I love it because it is a happy place to walk past and Isaiah woke up in the morning and stated that it was 'COOL'. So we are happy all round - tidy, hanging art. When it gets full, I'll just remove one of the older ones to add the most recent creation.


  1. love it! it looks great. who did the trip to ikea? I assume that you didn't... I remember a trip when i was pregnant with Kael that didn't go too well. I reached melt down point about 2/3's of the way thru. not pretty!

  2. Great hallway display = 1 happy Mum. Wonderful, to say nothing of the clever guy who only needed 2 ad breaks to complete such a "keep my wife sane" project.
    Love ya, Mum


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