Saturday, November 13, 2010

Garden Update

It's been a while since I've given you an update on our gardening process. I think planting the potatoes was the last thing we shared. Since then we have planted tomatoes, broccoli and rosella. All of which are going really well. We have picked some of the potatoes, the broccoli is all finished and the rosellas are going really well now (after laying down for a sleep for a week, which made me think they were dead). Anyway, the little garden we have is full. So time for a bigger garden.

Most people would be imagining digging up a new garden meaning hard work and sore backs.
But not here - this means get the boys to bring the tractor over so we can sit and watch them plough it for us!
There was some hand digging to find the pipe rather than dig it up with the plough. (SMART idea, it went straight through the middle of one of the proposed plots, so this one didn't get ploughed yet. We need to move the pipe first).

It was a lovely afternoon/evening to be out in the garden. So far we've planted zucchini, egg plant and beans.
I'm loving showing the kids growing things at home and making our own food.
They had great fun helping pull up some potatoes yesterday too.

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  1. Hey that's a spunky looking tractor driver you found!!! You should introduce him to the gorgeous trellis builder and planter!!!

  2. looking good. also a little jealous of the weather I can see in those pics. its so cold here!!


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