Monday, November 15, 2010

** Making **

Here is one of things I have been making in my 'spare' time lately. Yes, I know you are laughing at me - I don't really have spare time as such. Do you actually know anyone who has spare time? I guess it is more correct to say 'this is what I have chosen to make a priority with my time lately as part of my 'handmade presents' aim for this year.'

This is a bag I made for a very special friends birthday. I did some research when we went shopping together one day, checking which fabrics she liked and went back a week later to purchase them. Then I jumped into making this bag. It is a tutorial by Pink Penguin. This tutorial is so well written and everything is explained beautifully with heaps of photos. It came together really quickly and beautifully.

This is where I used iron on vinyl coating to protect the lining fabric, just in case something spills inside there. I love this product, so handy and easy to use. The bag has a drawstring cover inside so you can safely hide the contents of the bag. Great idea for keeping those kids fingers out.

My only disappointment is that the bag is smaller than I expected - the dimensions were listed on the tutorial but it looked like it would be bigger. Next time I will actually get out my measuring stick and see just how big the project will end up - before I start!

Anyway - Happy Birthday my dear friend!!

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  1. HI Ainz - I love it! It looks awesome!!! You're so clever and the fabric looks like it was made for that very bag... :) Good on ya Ainz and "happy birthday" friend!


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