Friday, November 26, 2010

Today's Redirected Craft Activity

Today I was planning to make a mobile of thankfulness that I saw on Made by Joel.  I thought it would be a good activity to get Isaiah thinking about what we are thankful for and for me to teach into his life about what is truly important to us.

As I was cutting out the shapes for us to write on, he picked one up and it became a 'man'.  And the next shape was a boat, followed by a 'helmet to breathe under water'.

At this point I decided to just go with his imagination 
and forget all about the thankfulness mobile, 
there is always another day for that.

So we launched into imagining mode!
A straw became the way the man under the sea breathes
The boat was modified so that the men could get in and out


Each man got a happy and sad face - one on each side.
We made a hat and a coat


As you can see, it was very exciting to play with our paper people,
watching them fall into and out of the boat.

For me, this was a big reminder that sometimes it is better to throw my plans out the window and embrace what is happening in the moment. 
I could have told him that 'no, we are thinking about things to be thankful for' and I would have missed out on a special time with my boy.  And I would have been cranky, trying to get him to 'stop being silly'.
Instead, we had so much fun constructing things together and then playing with them
it was wonderful memory making time.

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