Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Crafting

I really wanted to do something to help focus on the lead up to Christmas but wasn't able to organise myself enough to find and do an advent activity that I liked and felt helped us focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  So instead, we are doing just a little Christmas craft each day and while we are sitting at the table, I talk about what Christmas means to us.  The birth of Christ, giving, thinking about others etc.

Here are some of the crafts we have done so far.
All of these have come from the Kids Craft Weekly newsletter I subscribe to.

Scouring pad Christmas Tree with simple brad decorations

Shortcut pastry, seeds pressed in, painted with egg yolk and baked.

Pipecleaner wreath with bead and bell

Ribbon and alfoil garland

Each of these decorate our tree, although they do seem to get removed from the tree regularly and played with lots, which is so much fun.

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