Thursday, December 30, 2010


This week it was Scott's birthday.  We were planning a trip to town to enjoy spending some time with friends and having cake.  But part way along the road to town we discovered that there was water over the bridge and we wouldn't be able to go.  So we turned around and came home and wondered what to do with ourselves.  I couldn't even make a cake because I didn't have enough eggs.  And this is one of the only birthdays he hasn't been able to celebrate with his twin brother who has moved overseas.  This was not going to be the best birthday. 

But on a brighter note:  I have been wanting to make birthday bunting for a while now and late on his birthday eve I actually did it.  With his birthday being so close to Christmas I wanted to change the feeling of the house from Christmas to birthday.  So here is a photo of what I made.

 This will go up for every birthday now.

We got a few eggs from our chooks yesterday so this morning I tried (for the first time) to make a sponge cake.  Now a sponge is quite an art, and something I have been a little scared by for a while now.  It is something I would love to master but am not too keen on all the unsuccessfull attempts it is likely to take on the way.  However, today I tried.  The process didn't seem to hard and it looked really good.

The taste and texture however were nothing like I hoped.  It wasn't soft and spongey like a good sponge should be.  It was sort of dense and rubbery.  So I guess I need to try again if I am going to master it.  Scott tells me it was a good cake, just not a good sponge.  I think I need to buy him one at the shops to make up for his lack of good sponge birthday cake.

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