Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Owl Pants

I made a pair of pants with cute owl farbic for Jai this week.
Isaiah loved them and requested a pair too.
The request included green and pink ones please.
So I said yes and thought I would get to it sometime in the next few days.

Well, apparently I was taking too long to get to it
because on Tuesday Isaiah came to me in the dining room carrying all the required fabric.
'Here mummy - here is the stuff for my owl pants.'
So with him climbing into his chair to watch (read make sure I did it straight away) I started his owl pants.
I did managed to include some yellow too and use a watermelon pink rather than pale pink.

Fortunately for me, I managed to distract him with playschool for a while
so I did get some other things done before having to finish the pants

Anyway, with a late night on Tuesday night and an early morning Wednesday
He wore these yesterday and is wearing them again today.
Not sure if they'll ever be allowed in the wash!!

The best part of making these pants for him is listening to him exclaim things like
'it's going to be soooo exciting'and
'they are so fantastic'and
getting a huge hug with a big 'thank-you mummy, I love my owl pants'.
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