Monday, December 27, 2010

More water

Today we were planning to head in to Toowoomba and catch up with some friends for Scott's birthday.  However, this morning we were greeted with lots of water and no way to get to town.  No matter which way we try to go there is water over a bridge, so we stayed home and enjoyed watching the water flow around our place.

The 'Mary River' broke her banks

The ditch beside the box tree paddock
The D7 is sliding down the bank - towards the sump full of water

Water is still rising when we took this

The cotton is in the creek


  1. It's up the creek too --- why did Scott plant cotton in the creek?? Ah well, next year will be better!!

  2. great photos Ainsley! Hope the water goes down quickly. Great blog too! :)
    Liz Little


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