Sunday, December 26, 2010

Milestones - Isaiah & Eli

In the past week, we have hit some big milestones.  One is Isaiah has learned to ride his bike without his trainer wheels.  He did this in just two days.  And he can usually start himself off too.  Yay - hopefully we will be able to start riding places more now.  Here is a video I got today when we went outside in the rain to get rid of all the pent up energy.  Riding through the puddles is so much fun but it is a little bit hard to start yourself in the rain. 

Sorry about the terrible video, I was trying to protect the camera from the rain with a cloth over it and this meant I couldn't really see the screen - but at least the camera didn't get wet!  I've already killed one camera  with water so I wasn't going to risk the same fate for this one.

Our second milestone is Eli - on Christmas night he started giggling.  He is so incredibly cute but instead of me telling you about it, how about you just watch it.  Scott managed to get it on video. What a good Daddy.


  1. I can't watch the videos in your post Ains so here's hoping that the creeks are't flooded and we can get home tomorrow and see it first hand!!
    Love Jen

  2. i think that you have to change your YouTube account to make the videos public otherwise no one can see them...

  3. Sorry about that - I think I've managed to change it now!

  4. That little man is sooo cute, and to think we missed those giggles by just a few hours!!


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