Saturday, December 15, 2012

Handmade Christmas for Boys - WALLETS

Today I had Christmas with my family - I made presents for all the nephews this year, using stuff from my cupboard.  I was determined not to buy anything new.    I almost made it but ended up buying some elastic - not too bad.  I made a wallet for the two oldest boys.
 One loves everything tractor and farm so John Deere fabric I had left from another project was prefect.

The other used to have some shorts made of guitar fabric and was sad when he out grew them so I used the last scrap I had to make his wallet.

I'll show you more tomorrow...
Have you made any Christmas presents for boys this year??

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  1. Great idea, Mrs Ainsley - boys are always the hardest ones to find presents for. Well done on being so determined to not buy anything new, too - I need to set myself a similar challenge!



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