Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel - Part 1


Decorating Mary with glitter glue

Painting Mary and Elizabeth

Decoration a CD to remember Mary's Song

The Sun - Jesus brings light to the world

Our three Josephs

A pillow to remind us of the dream Joseph had.  We decided to sew our because that was easier for us!!
My favourite thing about it is the kids remember the lessons because we made something that reminds them about it. They are still talking about Zechariah we did on the second day. Such a great and simple way to help keep the lesson in their memory!!

I have learnt this week that I need to be all organised and ready to go before I call the kids to the activity, otherwise they have lost interest before we even start.

Have you been making your Truth in the Tinsel crafts?  I'd love to see them - don't forget that you can share them on the Truth in the Tinsel Facebook page.

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  1. that's so cool! I like the CD craft; it's a really fun way to remember Mary's song!

    Good job, guys.
    Love, Jess


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