Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sewing Fun

Today I have had great fun with a craft/sewing product that I've never used or even seen before. It is iron on vinyl that makes your fabric 'water proof'. I was making a bag with beautiful fabric and thought it would be good if you could wipe it out if there was a spill of some kind inside and the fabric didn't get stained. So after a little research I discovered this iron on vinyl at Autumn Threads. It is so simple to use, just peel off the paper, put the sticky side on the fabric, lay the paper back over the vinyl and iron. Then you can sew it just like normal fabric.

I can already think of so many wonderful things I could make with this product. Beautiful baby bibs, bags, fun kids aprons, placemats, the list just keeps going. I am looking forward to experimenting with it more, but so far I'm super impressed.
I also received my most recent fabric shopping parcel in the post today. I finally bought some fabric I've been drooling over from Funky Fabrics. I am super impressed with this shop. I put the order in on Monday and received it on Wednesday. Now that is quick!! And when one of the fabrics wasn't quite right, they emailed back within 2 hours of my enquiry offering new fabric and I get to keep the one that wasn't right. I would recommend Funky Fabrics to everyone. It is a family based Brisbane company and they are just wonderful to deal with. I'll be going back.

Now check out those funky fabrics. How cute are those owls!!
I can't wait to make some fun clothes for my boys with those.


  1. Awesome fabrics Ains. I can't wait to see what they become but ummm....what happened to slowing down??? :)

  2. Love the new material...the chair material is very fun..we have that one in blue!! Love the idea of the vinyl you found...will have to check it out!


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