Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Farm life learning

Today we learned a wonderful lesson about farm life. We were down the paddock watching the lateral move irrigator go cross a channel for the first time on some bridges that the boys made. Hoping for no excitment really - we didn't want to see it fall in the channel but wanted to be there just in case something interesting happened. Well, no - it didn't fall in. Yay for strong bridges.

But our lesson came just after this when Isaiah was allowed to go over near the channel to look and see if all the wheels were off the bridges. He started walking over but stopped and came back to me and said 'there's a snake mummy'. I am super excited about this because this is the first time he has seen one before me and he did just what I've always told him to do. "Stop, walk and find mum". Hooray for training in advance. It was a rather large brown (poisonous) snake.

Later on when we were driving around one of our dams we saw another black one swimming in the water. This is one downside of the warmer weather but it is part of our life now and I'm so happy with how well Isaiah did when he saw his first one.

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