Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saving the Jumble

A jumble is a biscuit that Scott's grandma used to make all the time. Apparently there were always jumbles in a tin in the freezer and you were allowed to get two out for afternoon tea. However, Grandma is no longer with us and so there were jumbles no more.
After Scott mentioning these jumbles again recently, I decided to try and see if I could replicate them for him. Now I think I should mention that I have never seen or tasted a jumble so I have no idea what I am actually aiming for.
So I did an internet search, as one does when trying to find something these days, but the recipe I found there was deemed to be no where near it. So we made phone calls to relatives to see if anyone had the recipe - fortunately, one aunt did. So we were on our way.
The next problem was the shape of these biscuits. Apparently they were a log shape with little bumps along the length of the biscuit. This was achieved using a biscuit pusher. But nobody really remembered what Grandma's looked like. And where would we find something like that now days.

My father-in-law found this at a collectors fair - he is so good at finding treasures for me!

Anyway after trying a couple of the inserts, we discovered that this is not what Grandma used. But a very cool vintage kitchen tool all the same. So time for more research. I found this next one on ebay with a description stating they didn't know what it was, perhaps for making biscuits. It turned out to be just perfect.

Well, now we have the pusher and the recipe and here is the end result. Biscuits just like grandma made.

We have saved the jumble!! Perhaps we should all think about what special things the older people in our lives make and ask them for the recipe or patterns now before it is too late.

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  1. Yay - it worked! So excited that you found the right tool and you've saved the jumble and passing the same very special memories on... xo Suz


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