Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There are so many transitions about to happen in our house and a few I have been trying to resist. Some I can't stop - like a new baby coming very soon but others I have a choice. And I must say for the last few weeks I have been rather selfish about the choice I have been making. It seems it is time for Isaiah to lose his daytime sleep. He has been waking up really early in the morning and having more trouble going to sleep at night. But he always has great daytime sleeps - no fighting it, just straight to sleep and I would have to wake him after 1.5hrs. But I can see that perhaps if we lose this it might mean better night times and maybe, just maybe a sleep in past 5am. But I use that sleep time for things for ME, sewing , resting and blogging. I was really resisting this change because I don't want to spend the time training him in quiet time, I just want to have time to myself.
Well, I've decided that this isn't really a very good idea and I actually need to do what is best for my kids and the whole family. So from now on this bed will look like this all day - no big boy sleeping in there during the day anymore.

And we will be doing some of this for quiet time. After at least 20mins quiet reading in our reading corner.
Do you have quiet time at your place?? I'd love to hear what activities you use to keep your kids entertained and quiet?

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