Saturday, October 23, 2010

** SLEEP IN **

It has worked - the boys both slept till 6:40 this morning. Now that is just unheard of in our house so I am very excited. After months of 5am or there abouts I finally decided to remove the daytime sleep for Isaiah and after a few days for his body clock to get sorted out it worked. I am truly amazed how 'not hard' it actually was. I had built it up in my head to a huge challenge to keep him awake during the day and how much hard work evening routines would be because he would be so tired - but you know what - that was all just in my head. He stayed awake no worries and the evenings were just the same as normal, no melt-downs or major issues. Hooray for my big boy. I guess that shows me just how ready he was.

That fact that Isaiah slept in also meant that Jai slept until 6:40 as well, instead of being woken up by his brother. (The main downside to sharing a bedroom). So today we start another transition - moving Jai to one daytime sleep instead of two. He did really well today and made it till 11:30 till he nearly fell asleep eating his lunch, very amusing for me to watch.

Somewhere under that wrap is Jai, sound asleep.

My boys are both growing up - yes, it does seem too fast
but it also means we can do so many more things that we used to.

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